Belta Malt Ray Enzyme


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A gentle formula that delivers a broad spectrum of enzymes and supporting nutrients that empower you to lose weight, get a clearer skin, and optimize your overall well-being


Benefits Aids digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins Optimal support for healthy digestion and metabolism Balances the intestinal environment and optimizes nutrient uptake. Promotes clearer, glowing skin and healthy weight loss

This product contains 622 enzymes, 30 rare malt extracts, 50 billion lactobacillus, pitaya, and 18 amino acids, providing essential nutrients for gut health. It also features 9 superfoods and 4 all-natural beauty ingredients for overall health benefits.

Contrarily, How To Take Take 2 capsules per day, 30 minutes to one hour BEFORE breakfast.

All Ingredients consists of Gelatine, extract of cereal bran malt (indigestible dextrin, condensed extract of brown rice bran malt, extract of soybean bran malt), water-soluble dietary fiber, powdered pomegranate extract, powdered horse-placenta extract, powdered lactic bacteria (sterilized), cereal bran malt (barley, millet, japanese barnyard millet, broom-corn millet, Indian millet, Japanese purple rice, rice powder), fermentated wild grass extract powder, fermentated plant extract powder, fermentated vegetable excrescence, ermentated vegetable products, lactic acid bacterium producing substance (lactic bacteria, soybean), fermentated tea/mushroom extract powder, dragon fruit extract powder, extract of cereal bran extract, powdered quinoa sprout, coenzyme Q10, fermentated wild grass extract powder, lactobacillus sporogenes/crystalline cellulose, magnesium sulfate, calcium stearate, calcium stearate, hyaluronic acid, trehalose, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, gardenia red pigment (contains parts of gelatin, soybean, pork, milk, apple, kiwi fruit, banana, peach, orange, sesame, cashewnut, yam, wheat)


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